Thoughtful, incisive, gripping, this novel will have you
reaching for your smartphone — to switch it off.

Lucy runs Jon’s life. With her help Jon has found wealth, health, even love. So when Lucy starts misbehaving, he naturally turns to his oldest friend, Skull, for help, because Skull is a bit of a tech guru, and Lucy is a smartphone.

But Skull has his own problems. His tech startup has failed, and he’s losing everything he ever worked for. And besides, he doesn’t believe the story Jon tells him.

Then Jon goes missing.

It is only the arrival of Jon’s enigmatic sister, Jac, that draws Skull into investigating his friend’s disappearance, even while his own life spirals out of control. As the search for Jon deepens, Skull begins to question who really is behind Jon’s disappearance. Is it the violent criminals who keep crossing Skull’s path, or the corporate henchmen following him around London? Or is Lucy somehow behind it all? The answer will have momentous consequences for Jon, Skull, and almost everyone they encounter.

With vivid characters and a narrative that accelerates towards a shocking conclusion, Joel Mentmore exposes the challenge of human intercourse in an age obsessed with the smarts of technology and connectedness, asking who, or what, is really in control.