About foreletter words

It is universally acknowledged that the “web” element of the World Wide Web has taken a terrible toll on working life. In my particular case it has devoured days like worms eating a rotting log.

The problem is, a writer’s work is mostly reading. During the course of a research session which may seek an incisive explanation of the causes of the Peloponnesian War, for instance, or attempt to dig up the details on the running behaviour of the Basilisk Lizard, I am dismayed by the discovery that I have inadvertently gained new, but different, knowledge. Suddenly I am able to discuss the life-cycle of the Red Admiral butterfly, and have come to a better understanding of Inuit canoe building techniques, all interesting topics in themselves, but not directly pertinent to my subject.

Knowledge wasted is knowledge lost however, and so foreletter words is the consequence, being an odd, almost random, collection of links and posts vaguely supporting whatever I’m writing at the time, and serving as a broad gesture of acknowledgment towards people and organisations who gather genuine information, and build real knowledge.

I like to think of it as a lazy reference, or a footnote, to my own efforts, a languorous proof that the fictions I write have some loose basis in reality.

All of which is to assert that there is no intention on my part to post anything profound or in-depth. Should you therefore encounter words or ideas of any value on these pages, the responsibility is certainly not mine.

My Favourite Spider
My Favourite Spider: with only the 4 legs on her left side she rebuilt her erratic web every day.

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